06 March 2021

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Chellow Heights WTW 2011-2014

Client : Byzak Entec, for Yorkshire Water

Project :  The removal of ‘end-of-service-life’ rotating equipment and its replacement with new fabricated items, (including drive & controls), to six off 110’ diameter enclosed, Spalding clarifiers.

Value : >£400K


Chellow Heights Potable Water Treatment Plant recently underwent a major make-over to address and upgrade a range of equipment that had reached ‘end-of-service-life’ and was no longer performing consistently to the standard required. Included in this refurbishment was the processing equipment associated with each of the six 110’ diameter secondary settlement clarifiers. These clarifiers are of a particular design and are each provided with an integrated enclosure. Much of the submerged metalwork had suffered substantial corrosion. The original drive-sets were prone to failure and spares were proving difficult to source. Aspinalls undertook the removal of all corroded material, fabricated and installed replacements, (304L S/S), provided state-of-art variable speed drive-sets with torque and power monitoring, (run & control data being linked to plant monitor systems) … and all under ‘confined – space’ working … and over an extended programme extending beyond 18 months. Procedures essential to working on a potable water site and under level NC3 confined space conditions, (with self rescue facilities), meant that this project was additionally challenging, but successfully completed


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